Home News Government Borrowing Delays Impact Ministries and Public: Wale

Government Borrowing Delays Impact Ministries and Public: Wale

Ministry of Finance and Treasury
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THE Leader of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has strongly urged the Government to expedite the execution of its approved borrowing plans.

Hon. Wale made the call in response to the Minister of Finance’s disclosure about the current precarious status of Government approved borrowings in Parliament today.

He stated that the sluggish delays in securing approved borrowings have become a recurring issue that urgently needs addressing.

“Government needs to ensure that its borrowing plans are realized much earlier during the year – either in the first quarter, or the second,” Hon Wale said.

The Opposition Leader emphasized that this is to ensure that government ministries have sufficient time and finance to execute their budgeted activities.

‘”Government ministries face operational setbacks when there’s a lack of timely action on borrowing plans. These delays, in turn, have a direct impact on the people,” Hon. Wale said.

He stated that this problem must be fixed swiftly, especially when Ministries are already at a standstill due to the redirecting of resources to the games.

“Our ministries are already paralysed by resource redirections for the games. It is therefore crucial that Government address this issue with urgency” Hon. Wale concluded.




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