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A former disgraced political appointee, Andrew Muaki is continuing to mislead the public on his interpretation of the Provincial Government Act 1997 in his latest social media posting against the Government Communication Unit (GCU).

In response to GCU’s statement regarding the non-recognition of PARU as a representation of the Malaita Provincial Government, Mr. Muaki who currently lives in Brisbane and continues to harbor ill feelings against the DCGA Government claimed that PARU is established under Section 19(3) of the Provincial Government Act, 1997.

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Section 19(3) States that “the provincial executive may appoint such officers and servants as may be required for the exercise of the functions of the Executive”. To imply that this statement relates to the establishment of PARU is total misrepresentation of this section.

The real issue is that, the MARA Executive in anyway has not appointed the so-called advisor as PARU. PARU is now long gone and this is one of the reasons that MARA government has disagreements within itself in terms of the functions and unapproved operations of PARU.

The Appointment of the so-called advisor has ‘ceased’ and was rejected already by the MARA Executive Government. To mention that this PARU office still stands is unrecognizable, inappropriate and truly misleading.

The other section misquoted by Andrew Muaki is on Section 33 (3) of the PGA that make statements relating to devolution functions and acquisition and disposal of properties.

Andrew Muaki also intentionally overlooked section 33 (4) (a) that states that “a provincial executive shall not in the exercise of its function, establish or conduct any relations of a diplomatic nature with any foreign country”.

Protocols of communication are important. The unsuccessful sacking of the former Deputy Premier was based on allegation that his media statements has not been approved by the Executive.

And yet, since the resignation of the former Premier, this PARU body continuous to release media statements without Executive endorsements.

“Andrew Muaki is therefore advised not to mislead the public. His desperation and ill feelings against the Government is understandable,” a statement from GCU today said.

He was a former Political Appointee who has failed miserably in the fulfillment of his duties and is now disparately lambasting against the Government.

He still could not learn and swallow his misdeeds and misconduct in Office while he was a former Special Secretary to a Previous Prime Minister.


Issued by Government Communications Unit

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