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Fiulaua resigns from government

Fiulaua with Malaitan MPs during one of the province's 2nd Appointed Days.
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Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Kwara’ae Constituency Hon. Jackson Fiulaua has formally resigned from the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) and Our Party today.

His resignation effectively revoked his Chairmanship of the DBSI Sub-Committee and Deputy Chairman of Caucus.“This decision is made with a clear conscience as a leader to respect the call from my constituents of Central Kwara’ae,”

Hon. Fiulaua said in a letter to the Prime Minister today.He thanked the Prime Minister for serving under his leadership for the past two and half years.Fiulaua is the fourth MP in two days to leave the government.

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The three others are Member for West New Georgia/Vona Vona Hon. Silas Tausinga, Member for North Malaita Hon. Levi Senley Filualea, & Member for Malaita Outer Islands Hon. Martin Kealoe.


Central Kwara’ae Constituency Press Release

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