Home News Eight arrested for threatening violence in Central Province

Eight arrested for threatening violence in Central Province

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Tulagi, Central Province have arrested eight male suspects for alleged threatening violence at Bola Village on Big Ngela on 17 December 2019.

 Acting Provincial Police Commander   (PPC) Central Province, Inspector Hugo Maelasi says, “The suspects threatened the victims following a recent police arrest on 12 October 2019 of one of the suspects’ relatives at Bola Village. The suspects claimed that the victims fabricated the reports against their relative and as a result grouped together and retaliated against the victims.” 

 PPC Maelasi explains: “On the alleged date of the incident one of suspects allegedly under influence of liquor, approached one of the victim’s residence and aggressively demanded to know where victims are. At that moment two male persons approached the suspect and led him away from one of the victims.”

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 “Not long after they left, the first stone struck the veranda of one of the victim’s house, and the second landed on his kitchen. The victim told his wife and children to hide from the rock throwing. The rock throwing caused damage to one of the three victim’s house. The suspects even entered the victim’s residence and damaged their properties.”

 “I appeal to my good people of Central Province to stay calm and do not the take law in your own hands. Police is there to assist as well as Crime Prevention Committee members and chiefs,” says PPC Maelasi.

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