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Education Minister congratulates FFWPU Education Authority

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Hon. Lanelle Tanangada presents the certificate of education authority approval and registration to FFWPU EA Proposal team leader Dr Huddie Namo as Permanent Secretary Dr. Franco Rodie and officials looks on. Photo: MEHRD
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Minister of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), Hon. Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada has congratulated the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) Education Authority for attaining its certificate to operate as an Education Authority.

Minister Tanangada congratulated the FFWPU Education Authority on the handing of Certificate of Education Authority Approval and Registration at the MEHRD head office on Wednesday 23rd August, 2023.

The approval was granted on July 6th, 2023 in accordance with the provision of the Education Act, 1978.

Speaking during the presentation of the certificate, Hon. Tanangada congratulates FFWU education authority for attaining its certificate to operate as an Education Authority.

“All I want to say is congratulations to you for attaining your certificate to operate as an education authority.

“I am indeed delighted that I have considered your application and recommendation to operate as an education authority. The name will change once a new Education Act is implemented – it is currently waiting for Parliament’s passage.

“Let me say this to you – that I fully support you to become an education authority- a responsibility that you will not regret because of your love to create an education and future for the children that will attend your school.

“I know you have planned to become an education authority to ensure that all students have access to quality education and can reach their full potential.

“There is insufficient schools for our rising school population therefore my ministry encourages the education authorities to establish more schools and I am heartened by your commitment to provide education for our young generation,” she said.

Hon. Tanangada also reminds FFWU education authority of its responsibilities as an education authority as stipulated in the Teaching Service Handbook (2011).

The responsibilities include

  • Responsibilities of the Education Authorities to the Teaching Service Commission. The role and functions of Education Authorities and School Boards and Committees are described in Appendices G & H respectively. Education Authorities are responsible to the TSC

  • Notifying the TSC through the TSO on all matters related to discipline of teachers.

  • Notifying the TSC through the Inspectorate Division and TSO on all matters of confirmation of promotion of teachers.

  • Notifying the TSC through the TSO all matters related to the demotion of teachers.

  • Informing the TSO of any vacancy that may exist in their schools, advertisement of posts, the selection process and appointment of teachers.

  • Keeping the Ministry informed through TSO on all matters relating to teacher posting and performance. Ensuring the timely submission of final teacher postings for the following year to TSO and Inspectorate, by the 1st of December of the current year.

  • Such other matters as the Ministry may from time to time require from the Education Authority.

FFWU education authority representative Rev. Arnold Fika expressed his highest gratitude to the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement and MEHRD for making this milestone achievement possible for them.

“This achievement is truly a milestone for our movement. We are an organization that connects internationally and they too like to share their gratitude to the Minister of Education for considering our application to become an Education Authority and allowing us to be part of the great endeavor to provide education for the people of this nation.

“As an Education Authority and soon to be Education Provider, we are determined to provide education to achieve quality education and an equitable aspect of education for our people by aligning our vision, goals and strategies to the ministry of education.

“We pledge to be an education provider to produce smart citizens of Solomon Islands,” he said.

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