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Deputy Mayor calls for respect of public properties as he receives new bus shelter

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The Deputy Mayor of Honiara City Council (HCC), Councilor Clement Terewauri, expressed gratitude towards the people and government of Australia for their continuous support.

In an address today, he emphasized the importance of maintaining the city’s cleanliness and urged residents and visitors to refrain from vandalizing public spaces.

Councilor Terewauri specifically called out common issues such as the spitting of betelnut stains, the selling of betelnuts, and cigarettes, and the unnecessary painting or drawing on public property.

“The support from Australia has been instrumental in our development efforts, and it’s crucial that we respect and preserve the improvements made,” Terewauri stated.

He highlighted the ongoing efforts to beautify Honiara and the need for community cooperation to sustain these initiatives.

Vandalism, including graffiti and betelnut stains, has been a persistent problem in Honiara.

The Deputy Mayor’s call to action aims to foster a sense of civic pride and responsibility among residents.

“Our city can only thrive if we all take part in keeping it clean and welcoming. I urge everyone to contribute positively and set an example for others,” he added.

The Australian government’s contributions have played a significant role in urban development, and public welfare projects in Honiara. By maintaining the city’s cleanliness, Terewauri believes that the community can honor this support and ensure a better environment for all.

Councilor Terewauri’s appeal serves as a reminder of the collective effort required to maintain the beauty and integrity of Honiara. The city council continues to work on raising awareness and implementing measures to curb vandalism and promote a cleaner city.

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