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CSSI Commissioner Joins Global Corrections Community to applaud Correctional Officers

‘Let’s not forget our brave Correctional Officers’.

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The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi joins the Global Corrections Community to applaud correctional officers, as campaign is underway to highlight the work of prison and correctional staff during the corona virus pandemic. 

Messages of support are being sent to jurisdictions across the world in an effort to boost the morale of those who work within our prison and probation systems and to give recognition for their dedication, commitment and professionalism as this crisis starts to penetrate into all aspects of society.  

Manelusi says, the campaign is being supported by NGOs and associations who work together in the sector to improve standards, quality of care and to share knowledge among the network, including the American Correctional Association, African Correctional Services Association, American Probation and Parole Association, Correctional Leaders Association, Confederation of European Probation, European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services, Asian and Pacific Corrections Administrators, International Corrections and Prisons Association, Penal Reform International, United Nations Department of Peace Operations, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.  

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He adds, reports are coming in on a regular basis that the Covid-19 virus has entered prisons in countries across every world region. It takes little imagination to think of how a contagious disease can affect populations within confined spaces such as a prison, and with all the usual considerations around security and maintaining good order, it is the noble efforts of Correctional Staff who ensure the smooth running of such facilities and to care for those people under their supervision.  

“Our Country Solomon Islands is yet to record a positive corona virus case and vast preparations are underway according to phases of its executions in CSSI”.

Commissioner Manelusi Commenting on this campaign said, “It’s a sentiment shared by many of my colleagues across the world. We are very proud to participate in the ‘We Applaud campaign’ to give recognition to our colleagues in the field.”  

“I am well aware of the day to day challenges of performing this job under normal circumstances. I cannot even begin to imagine the challenges they are facing now in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Correctional Officers around the world are working 24/7 to ensure the health and safety of everyone, and at the same time worrying about their own health and safety and that of their families,” says Manelusi

“For many of the general public the prisons system is something that is only characterised to them through popular television shows and movies, or through news reports that often focus on the negative aspects of these institutions. However, the reality of daily life in working with prisoners as they progress towards their eventual release back into the community can be much different to the dramatization we see on television. These brave men and women are paramount in keeping our societies safe, they are an integral part of our justice system and many conduct their duties with pride and professionalism. Correctional Officers are the forgotten front-line workers that keep our communities safer while helping offenders to successfully return to society”. 

“In the media, many other frontline personnel, police officers, health workers, etc. are recognized for their tremendous contribution and with very good reason; while the Correctional Officers working behind the walls are often forgotten. I merge with my colleague commissioners around the globe to recognize their commitment and acknowledge their contributions during this unprecedented time.” 

 “We hope that through this campaign members of the public might also give some thought to our ‘Correctional Officers’ who, given the nature of their job, are often unseen yet play a pivotal role in the daily work of keeping our societies safer. Let’s applaud for them.”

Commissioner Manelusi on behalf of Correctional Service Solomon Islands and the Global Corrections Community would like to give thanks and appreciation to the frontline officers, health care workers and to all staff members who risk their health on a daily basis to care for persons under their supervision and in keeping our societies safer.

“Those who are fortunate enough to be able to maintain self-isolation during this difficult time understand that your commitment in performing these duties under such conditions deserves to be recognised”.

“Prisons and Corrections staffs worldwide are the unsung heroes of maintaining this essential public service which protect us all”.

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