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Critical lock down times to understand

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Residents of Honiara City and business houses have been encouraged to take note of a number of timings for movement prior to and during the upcoming lockdown period.
Besides the lockdown guidelines issued by the Government today, timings for certain activities needs to be strongly noted to make people prepare ahead of the lockdown.
The Public has been encouraged to pay more attention to the following times:

  • The Public Service will close for normal services at 12:00pm on Wednesday 20 May
  • All Business House will close for operations at 2:00pm on Wednesday 20 May
  • The Honiara Central Market will close for business at 2:00pm on Wednesday 20 May
  • All domestic vessels must depart and arrive in Honiara port by 2:00pm on Wednesday 20 May
  • All Solomon Airlines domestic flights must depart and arrive at Honiara Airport by 2:00pm Wednesday 20 May
  • All Public Transports Services (Taxis and Buses) must stop operations at 5:00pm Wednesday 20 May
  • The General Public must arrive at their places of residence by 5:30pm on Wednesday 20 May
  • All flights and vessels departing and arriving in Honiara must operate by 9:00am Friday 22 May.

The Government Covid-19 Oversight Committee is encouraging Honiara residents and others in surrounding communities to observe these times during the lock down period.
The Committee has asked for public cooperation during this period to assist authorities implement these measures as part of our fight together against covid-19 from entering our country.

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