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COP26 – If not now, it will never be!

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To My Unborn Child

For years I fought a difficult race to protect our shores
A race I hope will end and not become yours
Many years we struggled, many years we yearned
At every rise in tide, I cried for you
Your time will come to experience this life
A future with growth and peace, I hope
The year you will be gifted I may not know
But oh, how I have long prepared
The strength of my mother I will give to you
The discernment of my father you shall carry
I hope you have my humility, curiosity and genuine spirit
But most of all your father’s selfless ways
May you keep your feet firm in what remains
Learn, unlearn, relearn
And in the event with which a voice is needed
May you lead with passion, with our Pasifika spirit
In the year 2050, at 1.5 sustained
I hope for no more loss, as you come to birth
My dear child, a stable home for you, is all I ever wanted
So that you can make the changes I couldn’t make in my lifetime.
Our world is, and always will be, the home we live in.
Thank you. Tagio tumas.

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