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China Medical Team successfully conducts 5th community clinic service for East Honiara Communities

(Dr. Jack of CMT performing Moxibustion for a patient suffering from long-term pain)
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As part of their support towards the National Referral Hospital (NRH) under the broader health cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands Government, the China Medical Team (CMT) based at the NRH successfully conducted their 5th community free clinic,which is for East Honiara communities mainly Burns Creek and surrounding communities.

Teaming up with Burns Creek clinic staff, the CMT assessed and treated around 130 persons who presented with various health complaints. Consultation and treatment were provided by a General Practitioner (Doctor), a Nephrologist (doctors specializing in kidneys), and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncturist.

The China Medical Team carried out the program organization and the medicine dispatching with registration, triage, and Pidgin language translation work done by Burns Creek clinic staff.

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Mr. Frank ZHOU, team leader of CMT expressed that it was an honor to have served the medical needs of the people and more excitingly was delivering the service closer to their communities and homes. “Based on our data the free clinic received 130 patients within 8 hours. For each visiting patient, the CMT doctors carried out thorough physical-check, detailed consultations and necessary treatment. Complimentary medicine was delivered according to the doctor’s prescription.”

His Excellency LI Ming, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Solomon Islands who paid a visit to the site said it was wonderful to hear of people appreciating the support rendered by the CMT, their superb medical skills and considerate services convey the friendship and love of the Chinese people towards the people of Solomon Islands. “Medical and health care is one of the important areas of China Solomon Islands cooperation,it was and would always be China’s sincere hope to care and aid the health of the people of Solomon Islanders, we are willing to help the Institute improve its medical and health capacity and continue exploring ways to expand this service to other communities in Honiara and the provinces.”, said Ambassador Li.


Mr. Nehemiah Martin, Chairman of Burns Creek Community Development Committee, and Mr. John Sediromea, Chief of Burns Creek community expressed heartfelt gratitude to CMT for overcoming difficulties to set up free clinic for community. The selfless support from China caring the community was indeed delivered to the heart of local people. They hope that CMT could be able to afford more free clinic in Burns Creek to relieve the physical pain of the people.


Dr. Gregory Jilini Supervising Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services expressed appreciation towards the China Medical Team.


“Thank you indeed to the China Medical Team for your wonderful support both at the NRH and in the communities. Many patients at the NRH and the communities visited have benefited tremendously from the services you offer and also our local clinicians have gained a lot from skills and knowledge transferred as well”,


“We look forward to continue working with you in this community free clinic program and further expand it to reach other communities in Honiara and the provinces”. Thank you so much CMT and the government of China for continued demonstration of your commitment and dedication towards the health sector”, said Dr Jilini.


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