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China delivers 20 vehicles, 30 motorcycles & two water cannon vehicles to RSIPF

Some of the PRC donated vehicles. They are now on the road but police say it would not increase fuel consumption.
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) today further increased its capability with the gifting of 20 vehicles, 30 motorcycles and two water cannon trucks by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

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Sogavare and his deputy with ministers and the Chinese Ambassador and officials

Chiana’s $40m worth of gifts came todays after Australia had also donated 13 vehicles and 60 guns to the RSIPF.
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was given a red-carpet treatment as arrived at the Rove field to receive the gifts on behalf of the RSIPF.
In commending PRC, Sogavare his government would continue to accept on going support to RSIPF from all development partners.
Recalling the impacts of 2021 November Riots, Sogavare said these assets will be used by RSIPF to protect lives, properties of investors, local ad foreigners, to think and act otherwise is a gross irresponsibility on “our part.”
He encouraged the RSIPF personnel to serve “our people without fear or favour.”
Sogavare said the responsibility must not be taken lightly.
Meanwhile he said the assistance was also timely as Solomons is ready to host the next year’s Pacific Games.
He said what was delivered today is the beginning of more collaboration into the future.
PRC Ambassador to Solomon Islands, Mr. Li Ming said today’s handover of vehicles are at the request of the SI government. He said it would further enhance the capacity and capability building of the RSIPPF and further contribute to the law and order management of SI.
The ambassador highlighted that the policing cooperation between China and SI is in the interests of the two countries, and benefits the region as a whole.
“Safety, security and sovereignty of SI and its people are top priorities of China-SI policing cooperation. China does not have any intention to compete with any other countries, nor interfere in any other countries’ domestic affairs, and we are firmly opposed to any geopolitical games,” he said/
Meanwhile, Ming said with efficient coordination between China and Solomon Islands, other China-aid policing equipment have also been delivered. They include Digital VHF Communication System, Interpol I-24/7 Communication System and fully equipped Forensic Autopsy Laboratory. These projects are also landmarks of China-SI policing cooperation and symbols of our friendship.


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