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CDF increases 3 times in past 10 years

CDF for past 10 years
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The Constituency Development Fund will be at the centre of campaign this month as elections is only 16 days away as the latest data show it has increased three times in the past decade.

Data in the past 10 years show that the CDF has increased three folds since 2011.

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Updated by the National Parliament of Solomon Islands and provided to the media, it showed that there was a massive increase in the funding especially in 2015 following the 2014 election, it jumped from $2.4m a constituency to $6.7m and reached $7m a year in 2016, this was when Sogavare was the Prime Minister. However, there was a drop in 2019 to 2020 to $4.8m. But since 2021 it had increased to $6.8m up until last year.

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The government was the biggest contributor to the CDF and though PRC came in 2019, it was also one of the key donors and others which was not specifically mentioned but Taiwan was previously the donor before SIG switched to PRC in 2019.

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