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CBSI/SIFIU Warns General Public Against On-going Scams

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The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) through its’ Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) is sending out a stern warning to the public about an increase in financial scams yet again.

The general public is again advised to keep a look out for those typical financial scams and other fraudulent schemes that continue to push false promises of huge financial benefits or returns.

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Reports reaching CBSI/SIFIU in recent days indicate that a group of scammers or promoters of these schemes are going around our local communities to lure individuals and/or families into joining their scams. CBSI/SIFIU is also extending its call to all resident businesses and organizations including all government and quasi-government institutions to also be on the lookout and remain vigilant at all times. All groups are reminded to do own due diligence assessments or checks on any individual or groups who may approach you with lucrative investment proposals.

The promoters/scammers are also taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable people in our communities, and our local women and young people are easily falling victims to these scams in their need for financial support.

CBSI/SIFIU is therefore urging the public to keep away or simply avoid these get rich quick schemes, as the only outcome will be the loss of their hard-earned money.

“The public must be vigilant at all times and be on the look-out against those suspicious business activities with false promises of huge money. Furthermore, anyone that is participating in such activities, may be involved in money laundering and that is punishable by law”.

“CBSI/SIFIU is calling on any individual to report immediately to the rightful authorities such as the Police or CBSI on any suspicious scam activity”.


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