Home Business CBSI introduces new Security Threads on upgraded $100 and $50 banknote

CBSI introduces new Security Threads on upgraded $100 and $50 banknote

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(Honiara) – The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new security technology embedded in the latest reprints of the nation’s $100 and $50 banknotes.

The upgraded banknotes will now feature an embedded 18mm wide micro-optic stripe that will run through the full height of the banknote. The stripe features the design of the numerical figure of the respective banknote, with the texts “CBSI”, and the images of a shark and crocodile, taken from the Solomon Islands Coat of Arms.

CBSI believes that the new feature will add to the increased security of the banknotes whilst enhancing the note design and theme at the same time.

This 18mm thread replaces the transparent window found in the current $100 and $50 notes, and will be made available through the Commercial banks and CBSI as of this week.

The public is encouraged to continue familiarizing and understanding the importance of these security features in order to help fight against counterfeiting (fake banknotes) and to help promote the nation though these national currency notes, as it plays the role of a silent ambassador for Solomon Islands.

The process of familiarization on all banknote security feature is the use of the “Check, Look and Feel” process that CBSI widely promotes in its currency awareness programs, Money Matters radio program and media coverages.

The upgraded notes will go into circulation this week, just before the end of 2023.


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