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Candidate clarifies video after it goes viral on social media

Jacob Kwan, in white shirt, with his supporters.
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By Alfred Pagepitu Stringer BBC media action and MASI

A candidate for the South East Vella la Vella constituency, Chief Jacob Kwan, has clarified the video currently circulating through social media.

In an interview with Jacob Kwan, he responded to the viral video that is circulating on various social media platforms.

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He stated that the money he shared with the community of Varese was not for everyone; he only gave money from his family’s tenth to older people and youths.

Kwan explained that the money was not given to the community as a means to influence their votes, but rather it was part of last year’s Christmas program.

“The people in the community of Varese requested that my family be part of the Christmas program last year, and at the same time, I shared my tenth with the older people. “Not only the Varese community, but I have been doing this for many years in other communities as well.

“People have misunderstood my intentions and labeled me without reason.

He clarified that the money was not intended for the entire community, but rather for specific individuals such as older people and children. Kwan explained that because the joint election is approaching, people are trying to misinterpret his actions and tarnish his reputation.

However, as a Chief, he has a cultural duty to serve his people and ensure their well-being.

“This is not something new; I have been giving my tenth to the church and community for over 10 years.

“Meanwhile, I spoke to Ngela, the person who had the video.

She stated that the intention was not to circulate or make it go viral, but rather to keep it as a personal memento for her family.

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Part of the video after screen shot.

Ngella mentioned that the video was somehow stolen from her phone by individuals who wanted to tarnish Kwan’s reputation. She urges those who continue to share the video and misinterpret it to stop. This video was posted on some popular forums in the country, and some individuals continue to share it privately.

The South Vella la Vella constituency will go to the polls on April 17th to choose their representatives in parliament.

Six intending candidates, including Jacob Kwan, Ronal Ivupitu, Dr. Kuboto Kaniki, Alex Gora Lionel, and Conrad Sore, will be vying against the caretaker MP, Frederic Kologeto.

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