Home Breaking News Bulk donates $22k collected from its donation boxes to Christian Care Centre

Bulk donates $22k collected from its donation boxes to Christian Care Centre

David Upwe fom Bulk giving the money to sister Rosa of Christian Care Centre today.

Bulkshop today donated $22,000 to Christian Care Centre it collected from its donation boxes in its branches in Honiara.

bulk workers wth sisters
Bulkshop staff at NPF Branch with Sisters Christian Care Centre today.

The Christian Care Centre and all the staff at Bulkshop would like to sincerely and deeply thank every individual for their gratitude in giving to the donation boxes provided at the Bulkshops. 

Manager Director of Bulkshop, Adam Bartlett said “The power of giving is alive and part of all province cultures. In fact we are a giving and kind people & the amount raised is a testament to the kind heart in every Solomon Islander.” 


He adds part of the Solomon Island culture growing up; “we were all thought to give and to share everything that we had.”

Bulk shop has Partnered with the Christian Care Centre to provide donation boxes at all its retail outlets. This is the first partnership between CCC and Bulk shop and this being the first collection being highlighted. 100% of all donations will be given to Christian Care Centre. 

Christian Chare Centre is an Anglican Church run organisation that accommodates and takes care of people who suffer mostly from domestic violence. It is located in the Tenaru area.

“We are overwhelmed by the amount raised these last few weeks,” said Bartlett.

He further stated that: “The money they handed over today is on behalf of all our customers from all walks of life.” 

The partnership between CCC & Bulk which was signed on the 2nd December 2021 and will continue for 1 year.

 Sister Rosa from the Christian Care Center said that this gift from the public will go towards all those at the Center that are affected by Domestic Violence. 

“This Spirit of Christmas and generosity is heartfelt by this gift from the public. We thank each and every one that gave and pray that God will bless their families this Christmas as they have blessed ours,” both organisations say. 

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