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Bmobile Solomon Islands launches mJams Music

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 mJams returns to support local musicians with a partnership with Bmobile, providing a platform for artists to share and earn royalties from their music.

mJams Solomon Islands (01/11/2023) The mJams Product has officially launched in partnership with Bmobile, marking a significant
milestone for the music streaming service in the Solomon Islands. This collaboration ensures
that artists in the Solomon Islands can once again share their music and receive local

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Subscribers will now have direct access to a diverse range of high-quality local music from
Solomon Islands artists and other talents in the Pacific region, all accessible on their mobile
devices. This revitalised platform provides artists with a valuable opportunity to connect with their fans and expand their audience both locally and throughout the Pacific.
In addition to facilitating music sharing, Bmobile and mJams are committed to distributing a
portion of their revenue as royalty payments to artists, ensuring they are fairly compensated
for their creative contributions. Every time a user streams a song on mJams, they are
directly supporting local musicians.
Devan Kula, CEO of Bmobile Solomon Islands, expressed excitement about the partnership,
stating: “We are thrilled to collaborate with mJams in revitalising the local music scene in the Solomon Islands. This partnership not only allows us to support and empower our talented
local artists but also enriches the cultural experience of our subscribers. We believe in the power of music to connect communities, and we’re excited to play a part in ensuring these artists receive the recognition and financial support they deserve.”
With the strong support of Bmobile, the mJams team is eager to take the platform to new heights and further promote local music across the region.

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