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Bina Harbour Development Project Enters Significant Business Case Progression Milestone 

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Honiara, 29 August 2023 – The Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant Project has achieved another significant milestone to progress its business case with a Project Focus Week being held in Honiara this week. The emphasis will be on extensive consultation and engagement of stakeholders from SIG government ministries, development partners, advisors, and industry experts.  Their critical insights will be used to inform the Bina Harbour Business Case.

The project, a Solomon Islands Government endeavour led by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), will see the country establish a world class tuna processing facility based on sustainable resources at a climate resilient port. As the third export port in Solomon Islands and the first major investment in Malaita, the development project promises to deliver employment opportunities and stimulate sustainable economic development.

Being delivered under the leadership of MFMR, the Project is being supported by the Bina Harbour Project Office (BHPO) which has been established to realise the planning and delivery of the Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant (BHTPP) and enabling infrastructure. The BHPO is supported and funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to mobilise capability at the right times and work collaboratively alongside Bina Region Arrangement for Governance (BRAG). BRAG is also supported by MFAT and are tasked with the ongoing engagement of local communities and traditional landowners with respect to the development of the land, water, and harbour.

The Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant and supporting infrastructure Business Case will provide the justification for committing funds to the project for further activities by demonstrating the benefits and cost-effectiveness of the investment. The Business Case will also provide investment options and recommendations to government while in parallel, the BHPO will advance the planning and design of key port infrastructure including power, water, and communications. The Business Case will serve as the Solomon Islands Government foundation document to be used to inform decisions and secure ongoing support, funding, and potential investment for key infrastructure.

Project Director for the BHPO Darren Morgan, said the Bina Harbour Business Case is critical for defining and measuring project success.  “The Business Case will provide the Solomon Island’s Government with further reasonable justification to continue in undertaking the project by evaluating short, medium and long-term social and economic benefits, agreeing the required scope, defining project costs and providing a rationale for the preferred solution.” He goes on to say, “it will allow MFMR to bring to the government a well-considered plan that supports an affordable and sustainable outcome and provides generational change for Malaita and the Solomon Islands. It will aid decision-making, support project funding options, and set the conditions for a potential Tuna Processing Plant Investor.”

Another key activity of Focus Week will be discussions surrounding the Strategic Environmental and Safeguards Assessment (SESA). The projects early emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship highlights its commitment to striking a harmonious balance between economic growth and environmental conservation for responsible infrastructure development in Solomon Islands.

Following this week, the BHPO and BRAG will continue to support MFMR and collaborate with line ministries, government agencies, land and resource owners, local communities, investors, partners, and industry experts to ensure the project aligns with the aspirations and needs of all stakeholders involved and remains positioned as a catalyst for regional development and prosperity.


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