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Bethany concrete road in Gizo completed

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The concrete road located at Bethany in the Jah Mountain of Gizo in the Western Province has finally been completed.

Thanks to the Australian Government for the continuity of Community Access Urban Services Enhancement (CAUSE) Project.

Gizo CAUSE Project Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Penny Siliako says the construction of the concrete road at the Bethany in Jah Mountain took 40 days according to the duration timeline for the completion.

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Siliako said the construction of the concrete road is about 40 meters length that ends at the Jah mountain junction road that turns to Banana Valley Heights

He said a total of 20 CAUSE workers underwent training by the CAUSE Project in Gizo.

Siliako added this consisted of 9 women and 11 males that help to construct the concrete road at Bethany, Jah Mountain area.

The work on the concrete road began sometime last month in September and ended in October.

He added after completion of the concrete road at the Jah Mountain, there were many positive feedbacks from the people in the community.

‘’Many are so happy to see the big changes compared to the past where people and vehicles found it difficult to travel due to the bad condition of the road.

‘However, they also suggested that it will be great to do another extension of the concrete road.

Siliako added the concrete road will not cover every road in Gizo but only at the critical section.

The next road to be concreted is at the 49 Junction and up to Busu road that will take at least roughly 80 meters.

The other road to be concreted as well is at the Jah Mountain junction that leads to Banana valley heights and down to main Banana Valley residents that reach the main road.

The implementation of the concrete road comes under component two of CAUSE Project.

Meanwhile, a World Bank Team including Government official representatives, Honiara City Council (HCC) Clerk currently in Gizo and will be visiting Noro and Munda where CAUSE Project is operating.

The main purpose of their visit is to see the progress of the work done so far and to meet with the Western Provincial Government and the project stakeholders.

CAUSE is funded by the World Bank and the Australian Government through the PNG and Pacific Islands Umbrella Facility Multi-donor trust fund.


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