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$56 million water supply project for Gizo

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Safe, clean, reliable, and sustainable water supply for Gizo

The Australian-funded Solomon Islands Infrastructure Program (SIIP) and Solomon Water will establish a new water supply system in Gizo.

The SIIP Steering Committee approved a funding contribution of SBD56 million (AUD10 million) for the project in their fourth meeting on 1 September 2022. The Gizo Water Supply Project will deliver a safe, clean, reliable, and sustainable supply of water for Gizo town. Designed by European firm Suez with support from the Asian Development Bank and World Bank to Solomon Water, the project includes a new borehole system at Mile 6, with pumping station and pipeline into the town, new water storage facilities and a distribution network in the township.

SIIP Steering Committee co-chair Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmie Rodgers said, ‘a secure water supply system in the country’s third largest urban centre will not only sustain a town desperately short of reliable water but will also help unlock tourism and other economic opportunities.’

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‘Water has long been a challenge in Gizo and this project is a high priority for the Solomon Islands Government. Australia is pleased to be assisting to improve health and economic outcomes for the people of Gizo,’ said Australian High Commissioner Dr Lachlan Strahan, co-chair of the SIIP Steering Committee.

The Gizo Water Supply Project will be SIIP’s second co-funded partner-led project. It follows SIIP’s SBD130 million (AUD23.15 million) commitment to upgrade the Seghe and Taro airfields in partnership with New Zealand and the Ministry of Communication and Aviation.

SIIP is a ten-year SBD1.5 billion economic infrastructure program that aims to create local economic opportunities for Solomon Islanders across all nine provinces. The program has already prioritised markets for redevelopment in Malu’u, Buala, Seghe, and Honiara. A feasibility study and detailed design is underway for the upgrade and expansion of Noro Port and a water supply and sanitation feasibility study is progressing at Bina for a proposed tuna processing plant.

SIIP is funded by the Australian government and delivered in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government.


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