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462 Fiji, Vat. & PNG students who complete their studies ‘home by early Dec’

PS Dr. Roddie
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Whilst there is so much focus on the Philippines students, the government yesterday announced that it will be bringing home 462 students who are completing their studies this year from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in the first week of December.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Dr Fanco Roddie told a talk-back-show on SIBC that: “We are planning to bring home the students that will be completing their studies around the first week of December.”

According to Dr. Roddie, Fiji accounts for the highest number of those completing their studies at the end of this year followed by PNG and Vanuatu.

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He reveals those completing their studies this year adds up to 462 in the three countries with USP Laucala 344 students, USP Emalus Campus 67, PNG institutions 51.

He adds that the government expects the students to complete their studies by the end of November.

Meanwhile Dr Roddie could not give details on the exact dates for the students to be repatriated home.

“I would not disclose all the information in terms of the exact dates to repatriate the students,” he said.

However he said by end of this week they would firm up all the information and present it for the Cabinet for approval.

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