Home News Potakana Commends Police for Ensuring Election Security

Potakana Commends Police for Ensuring Election Security

The RSIPF staby craft dispatch polling kits and ballot boxes to South Vella La Vella Islands this evening.
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Potakana Commends Police for Ensuring Election Security

By Alfred Pagepitu Stringer/Reporter Western Province

WESTERN PROVINCE – Electoral Manager Collin Potakana has expressed his admiration for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), acknowledging their crucial role in maintaining security during the dispatch of ballot boxes.

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In an interview, Potakana praised the police officers for their active presence and dedication to upholding peace and ensuring safety during the challenging task of conducting the joint election. “We have a strong working relationship with our police officers, who provide invaluable support in terms of security to ensure the smooth running of the dispatching process,” stated Potakana.

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He further added, “So far, the dispatching of polling kits and boxes has been proceeding well. We are making every effort to ensure that all boxes reach their final destinations before Wednesday’s polling day.” Potakana expressed his gratitude to the hardworking police officers for their assistance in safeguarding the equipment, ensuring its safe storage and contributing to a fair electoral process.

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