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Atori needs more officers to support Atoifi outpost

Matanga and police officers in Atori.
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Atori Police Station of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) needs more police officers to support the Atoifi outpost in East Kwaio.

This need was revealed during the latest visit of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ms Juanita Matanga to Malaita Province last week.

Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Atori Police Station, Inspector Peter Kinita said:
“We need more human resources to work here at Atori. The area we manage in terms of policing is too big and we also support the Atoifi outpost when they need us.”

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Inspector Kinita said it is too challenging when multiple incidents happen at the same time and they have no officers to attend to the reports.

“Even at the Atoifi outpost when they need us, it is very challenging when the weather is not good to travel,” he added.

Kinita said the issue of road conditions and weather were really setbacks for his officers to do their work.

“Even though it is a challenge, only if we are well equipped with the right tools then it may be helpful in some ways,” he said.

Kinita admitted that the current state of their office is not conducive enough to do their work. “Actually, it is not an office. It is the police house we use as an office at the moment. Our office is already down and the station needs infrastructure to house officers to do their duties,” the officer.

Matanga said the issue of human resources is a matter for the Provincial Police Commander to look at and it needs a good discussion to rectify it.

“The issue of a new police station I will do what I can to bring it up to the RSIPF Executive to look at,” he said.

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