Home News 10 arrested in Auki during police operations

10 arrested in Auki during police operations

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Police Force (RSIPF) in Auki, Malaita, have arrested ten suspects during an operation over the weekend.

The high visibility operations targeted Kwaso (homebrew) illegal sales, consumption of alcohol and consuming liquor in public places.

Police conducted patrols and foot beats around the town covering communities nearby the Auki township area.

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Arrests were made and eight cases were established for the offences of consuming liquor in public places, in possession of dangerous drugs, carrying liquor for sales, in possession of dangerous weapons.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Malaita Province Superintendent (Supt) Leslie Kili said Auki investigators are working very hard during the weekend on charging and ensuring that these people will stand before the Auki Magistrates’ Court.

Kili said all were dealt with accordingly and charged to appear before Auki Magistrates’ Court on a later date.

He said a raid was conducted during the night at Teak area on 8 July 2022 and police encountered a huge number of people and confrontation.

Kili appeals to all communities especially those within the town boundary and surrounding areas to help police with information on kwaso production and sales of marijuana.

He also appeals to the Teak community to come forward and surrender their kwaso utensil and stop its selling.

“This is a collective effort not only for the police to reduce crime in communities,” he said.

The operation team was supported by the Provincial Response Unit (PRU) and traffic office. Traffic checks were also conducted during the night and many vehicles found and warned for defective and consuming liquor in moving vehicles with loud music.



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