Western Province reaffirms support to PM


Western Provincial Premier Hon. Christian Burley Mesepitu reaffirms his new executive’s support to Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare and the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement.

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Premier Mesepitu said, there is no shift in policy under his leadership as far as allegiance to the National Government is concerned.

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“As agent of the National Government, Western Province support DCGA’s friends to all, enemy to none policy.”

Western Province was among the first to declare its support towards the government’s switch of political allegiance to PRC. The new executive does not alter but maintain its stand on this, he said.

On State Government, Premier Mesepitu stated, Western Province has been at the forefront of the matter right from the beginning. His executive is thankful to Prime Minister Sogavare for progressing dialogue on this and that his government is happy to be part of the dialogue. 

The Premier further thanked Prime Minister Sogavare for visiting Western Province at the end of last year.


His government supports and will work alongside all DCGA development partners both old and new, the Premier elaborated.

Mr. Mesepitu was grateful for the privilege to accompany the Prime Minister to the CEMA Ground breaking ceremony at Noro and for the Prime Minister’s message delivered to the People of Western Province at the Second Appoint Day celebrations at Gizo.

The Western Province Premier further announced, his new executive will be making an official visit to the Prime Minister to discuss their program of action and priorities at the end of this month.

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare in his remarks congratulate and Welcome Premier Mesepitu on his election to the premier’s seat.

Prime Minister Sogavare further thank Premier Mesepitu for the confidence and support on the National Government.

The Prime Minister looks forward to meeting the new Western Provincial Government delegation.


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