Recovered items from November looting stored in 3 containers


Recovered items from shops during the November rioting and looting have been securely stored in three containers and some at the Central Police Station.

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Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said the items were kept safely in the containers and they were accounted for.

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He however could not reveal the total value of the stored items— but reiterated that they were fully recorded by his officers.

Since the disappearance of $300k exhibit money from police custody about two years ago, the public has always questioned the ability of police to safely keep goods in the RSIPF custody.


But Managu insisted that police have a process in place for items in their custody.

Police have recovered a good number of items stolen from mostly Chinese shops during the November Riots.

In some instances, communities have decided to surrender items that some of their people had taken during the looting.

On items that are time bound or are damaged, he said they would identify owners to collect them.

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