Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Dr. Chris Vehe has highlighted the need for partnership in developing renewable energy sources across the country.

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Speaking at a handover ceremony of the Beulah Provincial Secondary School Micro Hydropower Project on Friday 3rd December, Dr. Vehe said the National Government through his Ministry is rolling out its renewable energy programme in areas that are prepared to partner with the Government.

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Dr. Vehe said the partnership model that was established between the National and Western Provincial Governments, Beulah School and surrounding communities is a model that should be encouraged throughout the country in order to maximize benefits from renewable energy sources.

In the model, the Government provided funding support worth around SB$2.5 million, the Western Provincial Government provided technical support through the school and surrounding communities provided resources and labour towards the project.


Dr. Vehe said community participation through resource and labour allocation is key towards implementing the project.

“This is a very good partnership model that we have the National and Provincial Governments, the school and the community all contributing one way or the other,” Dr. Vehe said.

The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification is working with other relevant Ministries to support schools in terms of their energy needs.

“Providing electricity to rural schools is very important in the delivery of learning and essential educational services so we are happy to deliver this project after some years of planning, negotiating and implementation,” Dr. Vehe said.


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