Children singing the national anthem

The Universal Children’s Day was organized and celebrated in Honiara. It brought together children within the city, stakeholders, Government representatives and HCC officials.

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As the official guest to the event, Deputy Mayor Cr. Robert Oge thanked the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs and HCC for organizing the program.

“As the Deputy Mayor of Honiara City, I am honoured to be here today on this important occasion to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day.”

“Today as we know, is a great day for all our Children in the City and Children elsewhere in the country and abroad. It is a day established by the United Nations in 1954 to promote the protection, and welfare of children’s right.”

“Today is a reminder, for us to celebrate our children of all ages of past and present. This year’s theme is “INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE MEANS INVESTING IN OUR CHILDREN”.”

Oge said children are an important part of our lives, and most importantly, they are our future.


“Lately we have seen and witnessed our children being victims of crimes that are against what this day is all about.”

“As the Deputy Mayor, I strongly condemned such cowardice act upon our vulnerable children, and want to put a strong message to everyone to RESPECT, LOVE and CARE for our children in our societies and communities,” Oge added.

“We all should be the pillar and foundation for our children, in raising them up in a safe and peaceful environment, in which they will have the freedom to live in.”

Oge added that we must recognize the importance of children for the betterment of our future.

“To see a better future for our children, I urge parents, Stakeholders, NGOs, Churches, Communities and the Government to lets all unite together to listen to our children’s voices and bring peace and stability in our homes and societies.”

“This is our challenge. Let’s protect our Children’s rights and wellbeing. Let’s put a stop to child abuses and brutality. Let’s unite in the pursuit of a safer and peaceful environment for our children now and in the future. Let’s make it happen, “the Deputy  Mayor added.


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