Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called on members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly to settle their political issues peacefully and within the bounds of the rule of law.

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Sogavare made the call today (October 25) in light of the upcoming motion of no confidence filed against Premier Daniel Suidani following internal disagreements with the Premier in past months.

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“As duly elected leaders, it is important to respect each other by demonstrating the values of leadership by settling internal disagreements through peaceful and democratic processes as a demonstration of respect to the good citizens of Malaita,” Sogavare said.

He further urged the Malaita public and political groupings within and outside of the Province to give space for elected leaders of the MPG to resolve their internal differences.

“I urge leaders of both the opposition and executive government of MPG to exercise the highest level of leadership that upholds respect for each other and in a manner that Unites Malaitans to live in peaceful coexistence amongst themselves,” he added.


The Prime Minister also urge the public to respect any outcomes of the motion and to ensure the leaders of both groups within MPG are safe and that public properties and the good people in Auki Town are doing their normal business.

Meanwhile, Sogavare has acknowledged the decision of the Commissioner of Police to deploy additional police officers to Auki to ensure law and order is maintained during this political upheaval.

The Prime Minister said that assumptions that the National Government is using police to overthrow the leadership of Suidani are not true and unhelpful for peace and order in Auki.

Sogavare also called on the Leader of Opposition Hon. Mathew Wale to refrain from making unhelpful political statements against the deployment of additional police officers to Auki ahead of the Motion of No Confidence.

“As the Member of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga constituency, which hosts the Provincial Headquarter Auki, he must take full responsibility to ensure Auki is safe to allow the Malaitan leaders resolve their internal political issues peacefully,” Sogavare said.


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