Top official reveals $150m for infrastructure under SCALE project


Malaita Provincial Members (MPAs’) were very happy to hear today that there is USD20million or more than SBD150million budgeted for infrastructure under the SCALE A&E.

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A statement from the province said this was during the first major all-SCALE meeting for the major USAID programme SCALE working in Malaita Province.

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During the meeting in Auki there was a presentation by Thomas Mullen, the Chief of Party for SCALE Architecture & Engineering (SCALE A&E) which is the infrastructure component of the SCALE project.

Mullen confirmed in his presentation that the budget under this SCALE A&E component is USD20million for two years—and this is approximately SBD150million.


Mullen made clear that there are two classes of projects; small size under SBD4million and large size above SBD4million.

According to the statement, the small size projects (under SBD4million) that are confirmed and selected will be implemented and constructed under SCALE. The large size projects (above 4million) will received transaction advisory services from SCALE in order to attract additional finance for construction.

SCALE A&E team is already on the ground today doing assessments for the shortlisted projects.

“Despite this positive news, PMO consultant and pro-China actor, Bernard Bata’anisia attempted to deny that this funding was for infrastructure. But it was very clear from several presentations given to the meeting that SCALE A&E and SCALE SSI have a budget of USD20million for infrastructure under SCALE,” the statement says.

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