Premiers’ Conference gets underway as Seleso calls for “one voice”


The Premiers’ Conference got underway in Honiara today with political tensions in the Western and Malaita Provinces continuing— as the minister responsible, Rollen Seleso, expressed hope that the meeting would bring the premiers’ to one voice.

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Speaking this morning, Seleso said the meeting amongst other things will update the premiers on government policy programmes especially in the major sectors as health, education, security and environment.

He further stresses that it is also an opportunity for the premiers to see and discuss developmental issues with the national government. He adds this is to help them understand and play roles whereby the provinces can contribute to the socio and economic development of the country.

He told the premiers: “You discuss amongst yourselves pressing issues you deem necessary for the national government to take on board.”

He continues: “I fully understand some of the areas of need your provinces may have but in the midst of the current crisis there could be more pressing issues that you could also like to highlight.”


The minister urges the premiers to focus and strengthen their togetherness.

“I would also like to raise here that one important aspect of the meeting is togetherness. I also believe that our meeting will bring premiers to one voice and encourage each other to share our challenges and opportunities. I also believe that the meeting will also bring us closer to address of provincial, national interest for our country,” he said.

Two of the country’s biggest provinces Malaita and Western leaders’ were the only two who were not present this morning. They do have reps in the meeting.

Malaita’s Daniel Suidani is still in quarantine whilst Western’s David Gina is facing a political upheaval after several of his ministers walked out from his government. Suidani is also facing similar situation following resignations from his government.

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