Wale Responds to Asilaua on Claims of Opposition Interference


The Leader of Opposition and MP for Aoke Langalanga, Hon. Matthew Wale, regrets the comments made by Hon. Elijah Asilaua in a recent SIBC interview insinuating Opposition interference in the current political saga surrounding the leadership of Malaita Provincial Government.

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Hon. Wale stated that, ‘I am deeply disappointed with the comments made by Hon. Elijah Asilaua insinuating opposition interference in the current leadership struggle within the MARA government’.

He further stated that, ‘the opposition group and the Malaita members of parliament in the group in particular have always responded positively to requests and invitations by the Malaita Executive, the Premier and Deputy Premier of Malaita Province to dialogue with them’.

“These engagement and dialogue between the Malaita MPs and the MARA government and Malaita Provincial Assembly Members have always been respectful, cordial and fruitful. Discussions have always been centered around big picture themes of leadership, integrity and good governance based on principles and values that are shared by the vast majority of Malaitans and Solomon Islands as a whole,” said Hon. Wale.

The Leader of Opposition stated that, “the shared values and principles of a Christian democratic nation have been at the heart of our continuous dialogue with the MARA government, both the Executive and non-Executive MPAs”.

“As national leaders, the opposition will continue to engage with leaders and peoples in all segments of our society, including Members of the Provincial Assemblies. Such engagement is not interference, it is sharing of ideas and vision for a better tomorrow for our peoples, our nation”.

“We will not turn down any serious invitations by the peoples of this nation to constructively engage and interact with them on issues that concern them,” the Opposition Leader added.

However, if there is any political interference in the current Malaita provincial government leadership saga it is definitely not from the opposition group,” Hon. Wale further added.

“It is clear that the DCGA and the other likeminded actors are the ones whose interests have been and will be impacted upon by any outcomes of the current Malaita province leadership saga and Hon. Asilaua himself already knows this”.

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