Canada starts to issue Vaccine Passport to Solomon nationals



Canada: SOLOMON Islanders in Canada’s province of British Columbia have started to successfully receive their Vaccine Passport, a digital or printed document that shows the stage cardholders are at in their COVID-19 vaccine progress.

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And most Solomon Islanders are reportedly fully vaccinated.

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Solomon Islands Hon. Consul -General to Canada Ashwant Dwivedi said that Canada remains passionately committed to providing all necessary support to Solomon Islands seasonal workers.

“I had the opportunity to visit a group of workers today and we were able to together go through the digital process which allowed them to obtain their COVID-19 vaccine official records digitally through the government supported app”. Mr. Dwivedi said.

Mr. Dwivedi said that the BC Vaccine Card will allow vaccinated people to show their proof of vaccination conveniently and securely at higher-risk social and recreational events and settings with the new COVID-19 vaccine requirement rules taking effect today where proof of vaccine is required.

“We cannot let our guards down. Although we are vaccinated, we continue to deal with COVID-19 transmission. This is the fact. However medical records indicate that those who have received their full dose of vaccination have a better chance of fighting COVID than those unvaccinated,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

The BC Vaccine Card will include a secure, individualized QR code and image showing either “vaccinated” or “partially vaccinated.” Businesses can either scan the QR code using a QR reader like a smartphone or tablet or visually verify the person’s proof of vaccination. A mobile QR code reader app will be released by the government for businesses that choose to scan the QR code.


Mr. Dwivedi further said that Solomon Islands nationals who do not have access to smartphone devices can also reach out directly to the BC Government to obtain their card.

“We have been informed by the BC government that people without access to a computer and printer can get their card by calling 1 833 838-2323 at the Get Vaccinated call centre and get their printed copy mailed to them.

Mr. Dwivedi said that in an event that Solomon Islands nationals in BC cannot reach the BC government they are always encouraged to reach out to the Consulate office for consular assistance.

“We remain ready to provide any support we can to our nationals that will confirm to them and others their vaccination records,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

 For those in the province of BC, Solomon Islands nationals are encouraged to get their BC Vaccine Card online at Once verified, a person will be able to save a digital copy to their mobile device or print a hard copy to present along with their government-issued photo identification when entering designated businesses and events.

Mr. Dwivedi said that two weeks ago a majority of Solomon nationals in BC province got their second dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

“I must renew to the people and government of British Columbia, in particular the Ministry of Health, its front-line workers for their continued support to our Solomon Islands citizens ensuring that they receive the same care and support that is accorded to Canadians,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

Photo Caption: Solomon Islands nationals in British Columbia, Canada province showcase their COVID-19 digital vaccine passport.

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