Premier Suidani wasted no time in replacing the 6 Ministers of this MARA Government today

Premier Suidani acted under powers vested in him under section 20(4) of the Provincial Government Act (PGA) 1997. The premier has nominated new provincial minister and a deputy premier. He has adviced the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) of this action.
In his letter to the Minister, the Premier stated, “In exercise of the powers vested in me under sections 20(4) of the PGA 1997. You are advice to perform the appointments of the following Ministers that I have nominated for your appointment. The nomination is effective as of 13th of September 2021.”
Section 20(4) of the PGA 1997 requires the Minister of MPGIS to appoint provincial Ministers on the advice of the Premier.
The newly nominated ministers for appointment are:

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  1. Hon David Osuria, MPA for Ward 6 as the Minister for Forestry
  2. Hon Misach Maukera, MPA for Ward 19 as the Minister for Tourism and Commerce
  3. Eric Daoni, MPA for Ward 9 as the Minister for Women, Youth and Sports
  4. Hon Jimmy Rerehe, MPA for Ward 20 as the Minister for Climate Change
  5. Hon Benjamin Baetalua, MPA for Ward 2 as the Minister for MOI Regional Affairs
  6. Hon Martin Mae, MPA for Ward 22 as the Minister for Southern Regional Affairs
  7. Hon Glen Waneta, MPA for Ward 8 as the Minister for Fisheries and Education and Deputy Premier.
    These nominations mean the MARA Government is back in full force and is ready to continue with the work that it has been mandated to do for the people of Malaita Province.
    The letters to the Minister, the Speaker and the newly nominated provincial Ministers are being dispatched.
    Clearly the action of the former and sacked deputy premier Randol Sifoni in writing to the Minister is an action that falls outside of his responsibility, the premier said. He must know that he is now making himself to be the illegal deputy premier.
    “For the people of Malaita Province, the supporters of the MARA government and those that have concern for Malaita province. Let me assure you that the MARA Government is still leading the province and we will ensure that the many good things that have started to be seen in Malaita and are coming to Malaita in the weeks or months and years will be safe and we will continue to govern our province as allowed under the laws of the country,” Suidani said.
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