Productive sector line- ministries commit to step up collaboration


Seven line-ministries under the Government’s productive sector
have reiterated their commitment to step up their collaboration towards achieving implementation of programmes under the Government’s development budget going forward.

This is the overarching outcome following a day retreat with the Policy Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PIMEU) last Friday.

Chief of Staff of the PIMEU, Robson Djokovic in his opening remarks stated, “in order to move forward, we must learn from the past. Therefore consolidated efforts are required to implement and deliver development programs and projects”.

He stated that programs and projects are of crosscutting in nature where it needs the concerted efforts and involvement of all line ministries.

Further as a way forward and highlighted by Policy Secretary for Productive Sector, Dr. Samson Viulu highlighted the need to decentralize economic development and for the productive sector to establish a steering committee comprising of senior officials from line ministries.
He stated, “Productive Sector Cluster Ministries to drive, monitor and report on relevant issues and work towards an efficient and effective development projects implementation.”

Also, a Productive Sector team to develop the Steering Committee Terms of Reference and seek Cabinet approval.

Further, the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to facilitate relevant training/workshop on financial compliance processes and procedures to address quality compliance issues.

Productive sector line Ministries agreed to establish sector plans and seek donor collaboration to support sector programs.

Line Ministries in the productive sector further raises the need for a better coordination and collaboration mechanism to enhance effective project implementation to drive the economy through Public and Private Sectors Partnership and to have a clear definition in the nature of spending to differentiate between recurrent and development.  

The outcomes stemmed from some of the challenges expressed by each line ministries in relation to the successful implementation of their development budget programs.

A draft communique of the outcomes from the retreat was agreed in principle by all participants and awaits approval by the Cabinet.

The retreat programme is supported by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Ministry of National Planning and Aid Coordination and the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Government is fully committed to the successful implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of economic empowerment and national stability.


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