ESP evaluation commences in provinces


Evaluation and monitoring of the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) initiative has already started in Malaita, and Honiara.

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Up to 16 youths are co-funded by the Government and the Asian Development Bank (ABD) to take part in this important task.

The team had left Honiara over the weekend and have commenced household survey in and around the Auki town.

Following the household survey, they will conduct the evaluation and monitoring process on the recipients of the ESP grants and will interview some selected non-recipients as well. 

In Honiara the team had started the Household survey on 8 September 2021, and are currently conducting the interviews with both recipients and non-recipients of the ESP grants.

For Isabel province, the team started today (14 Sep 2021) interviewing recipients of ESP who are in Honiara, and will travel to Isabel this Friday to continue the survey.

Survey in Guadalcanal, Choiseul, and Western provinces will commence in late October 2021.

The Government is fully committed to the implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of economic empowerment, national stability and wellbeing of its citizens.



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