SEPTEMBER 13th 2021 – Honiara, Solomon Islands. Honiara City Council New City Clerk Justus Denni has official resumed his duties as of 13th September 2021.

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Justus Denni has been appointed by the HCC’s Executive and approved by the Full Council following the formal process of selection done by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In welcoming the New City Clerk, Mayor Eddie Siapu said his Executive, HCC Management and staff are very pleased to have him to his new appointment within the HCC Administration.

“Let me congratulate our New City Clerk, Mr. Justus Denni.”

“Mr. Denni, you are not new to the administration of Local Government. Your previous experiences as the Provincial Secretary for Guadalcanal Province will greatly assist in the administration of Local Government in the City Council.”

“Mr. Denni, you are not new to the administration of Solomon Islands Government. Again, your previous connections as the Permanent Secretary of Traditional Governance and Ecclesiastical Affairs will build and strengthen the net-workings of the City Council with the National Government of Solomon Island,”

“Let me add with more emphasis, that Honiara City Council needs your experience and qualifications to move the agendas of the Council forward. Congratulations and we welcome you on board with open arms as you manage the Administration of the Council,” Siapu added.

In response, City Clerk Justus Denni thanked Mayor Eddie Siapu, his Executive and the Full Council for the trust and confidence they have for his appointment.

“It’s a challenging position but I look forward in serving the Council and the people within Honiara City.”

“I will be guided by the intentions of the Executive and Governance, and also I have the core administration team and all departments within HCC which I look forward in working together with them as a team in taking HCC forward.”

“Honiara is our home and we must make it pleasant and a liveable city for all.”

“As the new City Clerk, I’m looking forward in bringing together citizens, stakeholders, churches, business houses, Government Ministries and communities to have a mechanism in place to allow us to work together,” Denni said.

City Clerk Justus Denni is from Guadalcanal Province who was successfully been appointed, replacing former City Clerk Rence Sore.



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