Two still missing at sea since 3 Sept


Two males are still missing at sea since September 3 as police and relatives continue to search for them in the Western Province.

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The two set sail from Mono Island heading towards Vella La Vella but had not arrived at their destination triggering a search and rescue operation.

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Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said patrol boat Gizo departed to assist the search rescue on 7 September.

The duo travelled on a 23 feet Yamaha ray boat powered by a 60-horsepower engine was onboard by two adult males and were travelling from Mono in the Short lands on a route through Vella la Vella Island and Gizo to Noro.


Unfortunately, the boat failed to arrive at Noro.

Mangau says Gizo police reported the incident to Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) and police at the Kariki Police Post were informed on the same date however due to bad weather, there was no search conducted around the area.”

 “Only local OBMs did searched but within the safe areas where they did not experience rough sea but no confirmation of the missing boat was sighted. RSIPV Gizo encountered bad weather at sea with strong winds so they withdrew and proceeded to a safe place.”

Mangau appeals to all ships and fishing vessels around the search area to assist if they see any boat.


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