The 26th National Oratory contest 2021 sponsored by Solomon Ports ended tonight with St Nicholas wining the Primary, Goldie College inter-mediate and Betikama senior category.

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Spokesperson for the 26th National Oratory contest 2021 Desmond Waita said this year’s showpiece has been impressive and he was contented with the outcome.

Senubir category first and second. Oli, left, and Shannon with their prizes.

In the senior category, Shannon Sogavare of Betikama Adventist College finished ahead of Argitha Oli of Selwyn College in a very competitive contest.  The third position was jointly claimed by Wilma Mok of King George VI and Zanneth Rore of Kukudu of the Western Province. They students spoken on the country’s motto: To Lead Is To Serve.

In the inter-mediate category, Bird Cliera of Goldie College scooped the first place beating another provincial based student Rose Campbell of Waimapuru whilst in third position is Moli Niola of Norman Palmer of Honiara. The students’ topic was: Not all that glitters is gold by William Shakespeare. In the Junior category, the primary school students were speaking on the topic: Not All Waste is Waste. It was won by Leaba Karovo of St Nicholas finishing ahead of Bervan Sevela of Perch Primary whilst Tangi. M of Kukum Adventist finished third.

The them for this year’s National Oratory contest is Nurturing our future leaders to become better speakers of the English language.

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