CT scan installation expected in November


The installation plan for the proposed computerized tomography (CT) equipment is currently being finalised.

Work is now in progress by the MHMS, to request approval for entry of three Siemens Technical Officers, to enter Solomon Islands, to install and provide application training for local staffs on the use of the CT equipment.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                       The installation of the CT scan is expected to begin around the second week of November 2021.

This is according to Project Manager of the CT project and Head of Radiology Department at the National Referral Hospital, Dr Aaron Oritaimae.

He stated, the Government has completed the full payment of the CT machine together with the post warrantee service contract in July this year.

The machine is being manufactured whilst shipping arrangement for its arrival is also being finalised.

Meanwhile, the Picture Archiving and Communication System server has already been purchased and installed at the Government’s ICTSU office.


Further, payment process for the PACS and RIS software together with the required computer system is been processed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services

Meanwhile, workings between Siemens and the ICTSU to install a SRS network to the CT equipment between Radiology Department , ICTSU and Siemens remote support centre has also been started to enable remote linkages from Siemens support services to the CT equipment at the Radiology Department.

Many of the consumables for the CT services has already arrived in Solomon Islands and is now stored at the CT building at the NRH.

CT emergency monitoring equipment and other equipment accessories will be arriving soon and these accessories equipment will also be stored and prepared for use, at the time of installation.

The Government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is fully committed to the successful implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of national stability, economic empowerment and wellbeing of its citizens.


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