Police discourages strange activities like neighbours using rope to pull betel-nut during lockdown


As another lockdown looms people are encouraged to stay in their houses and not to mingle or get in contact with neighbours. Police made the call after finding out in the last lockdown in 2020 that some neighbours did strange things to get food or water.

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In one instance, a neighbor used a rope to pull betel-nut and leaf (commonly known as dami) from another, said Simpson Pogeava, who is the RSIPF COVID-19 Operations Commander.

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He said the person who sold it tied it to a rope and threw it to the neighbor who then pulled it from his end.

Pogeava said they also used the same method to get bottles of water by using a rope to pull them across.

Government through its agencies have called on city residences to stock-up for the 36-hour lockdown.

In addition, police say some neighbours used children via backdoors of canteens to buy goods.


“This is not allowed under the lockdown,” the commander told journalists on Thursday.

In another report, a group of people were said to be building a house during the lockdown and police had to be called to halt their operation.

Pogeava said it is important that residents remain in their compound and not to go to next door or get out of their house.

He said police will be monitoring the lockdown to ensure that everyone stays at home during the 36 hours.

The lockdown starts tomorrow at 6pm and ends on Tuesday 6am.

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