2 mobile clinics for east Honiara, most central & west clinics to open during lockdown


Two mobile clinics will be set up in east Honiara to deal with anyone who gets sick during the lockdown whilst all city clinics will remain open except for two.

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Director of Health at Honiara City Council, Dr Christopher Becha told journalists this morning in a briefing that as part of the lockdown his officers too are prepared to carry out their tasks is mostly in the clinical area.

He said during the lockdown they will zone Honiara into six zones this is to allow easy access to health facilities and control the movement of people. He said these centres are mostly for those who with seriously cases and is not for the public to access as in the normal days.

Becha explained that in the eastern side of Honiara they’ll station two mobile clinics, one at Burns Creek School and the other at SINU Panatina Campus. In addition, Naha and Kukum clinics will also open.

Kukum will open on Monday from 3pm to 10pm. Dr Becha further added that Kukum Clinic has a space for those with diabetes but reiterated that patients can only attend if they are seriously ill.

In the Central Honiara, Mataniko Clinic, Pikinini and Dental clinics will open and in the western end, Mbokona, Rove, Safeples and White River clinics will also open.


The only clinics that are closed are Vura and Mbokonovera.

 Becha said being the first point of conduct for city residents, nurses and doctors will be there.

As for further admittance, he said doctors at these clinics will be collaborating with the specialists at NRH so that there is a smooth transfer of patents to the NRH.

However, Becha said once a patient is very ill he or she can be rushed straight to the NRH.

Meanwhile Becha said during the lockdown his team will also be going around in the communities communicating through a ‘mobile mic’ the details of the clinics and where they are situated.

The lockdown is from 6pm on Sunday to Tuesday 6am for Honiara Emergency Zone which is from Poha in the west to Alligator in the east.

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