Police warns any one breaching lockdown will be arrested


Police warns that they will arrest anyone who breaches the 36-hour lockdown as they appeal to Honiara residents to stay at home during the period.

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The planned lockdown will start this Sunday at 6pm to Tuesday 6am morning.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said police will arrest anyone who breaches the lockdown.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police National Capital and Crime Prevention (RSIPF COVID-19 Operation Commander) Simpson Pogeava also reveals that the RSIPF will establish six zones and 10 checkpoints in the Emergency Zone from Poha in the west to Alligator in the east of the city.

He reiterated that more than 500 police officers will take part and they will support the lead agency in this case which in the Ministry of Health.

The six zones are:

Poha to Rove

Rove to HCC Roundabout

HCC Roundabout to Fishing village

Fishing Village to Ranadi Roundabout

Randai Roundabout to Lunga Bridge

Lunga Bridge to Alligator

The 10 Checkpoints are: Poha, White River, Rove Bulkshop, HCC Roundabout, Fishing Village Roundabout, Talise Bus-Stop, Borderline Bus Stop,  Ranadi Rounabout, Lunga Bridge and Alligator Creek.

He warns that police will enforce the lockdown order should there be any breaches they will take action against them.

Furthermore, Pogeava states that they would also lockdown the Honiara seafront from anyone going out and coming.

The lockdown is part of government’s strategy to test its front-liners capacity in their preparation in case there is a community transmission of the deadly delta strain.

Whilst the previous mock lockdowns were to allow health workers to strengthen their capacity in terms of contact tracing this one is to put Honiara in lockdown to stop the virus from transmitting.

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