Yacht still anchors at Ugi, Makira residents want fast action


A resident in Makira confirms that the yacht remains near Ugi in Makira Province.

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Police has urged residents in the area not to get in contact with the passengers on the boat.

But one Makira concerned person who lives in Honiara says the government must take urgent measures to take the boat out from their area as people there have not been vaccinated.

“We want urgent action,” the resident told SBMOnline.


Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai says the presence of the yacht is quite suspicious and he warned his good people to stay out from interacting with the crews or going on board the yacht.

 The name of the yacht is Vivre, white colour and had only one mast.

There were two male foreigners sighted in the vessel.

 Police are now working closely with other agencies to deal with the issue.”

 The yacht was first seen anchored outside Namuga substation harbour in East Makira on 20 August.

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