Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare commends Y. Sato Marine for going out of its way to incentivize COVID 19 vaccination.
Prime Minister Sogavare was responding to the announcement by Chris Anthony, the Y. Sato Marine General Manager who paid him an official visit this morning.
The incentive includes a certain percentage discount on Y. Sato Marine products for people with proven record of their COVID 19 jab.
The Terms and Conditions of the Campaign is applicable only to individuals.
“It is very simple. If you have One jab, you get 5 percent discount. Once you have Two jabs (fully vaccinated), you get 10 percent discount,” explained the general manager.
There is no limit on the number of purchases or values. However, one cannot get discount on an item already on offer.
The campaign will continue to run at the discretion of the General Manager of Y. Sato Marine and there are no set end date.
Mr. Chris said, it makes business and moral sense for the country to assist where we can in encouraging vaccination. A vaccination rate of between 70 to 80 percent would ensure the country returns to where it was pre-COVID.
From a business perspective, if we don’t get the vaccination and our people are not protected, business will become tougher in the medium to long term.
Mr. Chris further thanked the Prime Minister for the fantastic job in not only ensuring the country is among the first Pacific nation to order COVID 19 vaccine but most importantly, leading by example by being the first to be vaccinated in the country.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare congratulated Y. Sato Marine for always among the first to come out and assist in national efforts, always taking the lead.
“It’s a bright idea, fantastic. We will support it.”
The Prime Minister adds, we are COVID 9 free because of the united efforts by the corporate citizens and Y. Sato Marine is such a fine example.
“Thank you for such a corporate citizen. It is what is needed now,” he told the Y. Sato general Manager.
He adds, the country’s current COVID free status is the result of collaboration by all citizens.


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