No time for politicking: PM Sogavare


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says this is not the time for politicking or creating unnecessary debate to cause confusion in the minds of our people.
Prime Minister Sogavare in his nationwide address this week said the real threat people in the country should be worried about is the COVID-19 delta variant.
“The COVID-19 Delta variant is at our doorstep. We must continue to work together and encourage each other to take the vaccine,” he said.
The Prime Minister has cautioned individuals and groups that are against the vaccination program to stop spreading false information about the vaccine.
“If you do not want to be vaccinated, that is your choice – but do not tempt others through false information,” he said.
That said, Prime Minister Sogavare also thanked all law abiding Solomon Islanders for continuing to respect the rule of law, especially during this global pandemic and State of Public Emergency.
He said peace, stability and security of our beloved nation is of great importance and must be protected at all times at whatever cost.
“I am grateful to the RSIPF for their efforts in keeping our country and capital Honiara City, safe. I wish to remind our good people that public assembly and public procession is not allowed during this State of Public Emergency,” he said.
The Prime Minister also called on all good people of Solomon Islands not to take the law into their own hands.
Prime Minister Sogavare said citizens must respect our laws and do things lawfully.
“Solomon Islands is our country, Honiara is our city, let us all work together for a safe, peaceful and secure future, for ourselves, our children and their children,” he said.
The Prime Minister urged citizens to continue to pray to God for his protection, strength, and courage in these unprecedented times of great challenge.

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