The Oversight committee responsible  for the implementation of the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) Initiative has announced some of the major and positive milestones reached with  projects under the infrastructure sector.

This include, the Malu’u wharf, the Makira ramp, Taba’a, Fiu and Kwarea bridges and Seghe Airport. The Oversight Committee is pleased to announce that the ramp in Makira and the bridge at Taba’a in North East Malaita have successfully completed.

According to the ESP Oversight Committee, the wharf at Malu’u in North Malaita is already in progress with the casting and curing of concrete works underway in Honiara and will be transported for assembling in Malu’u.

The contractor is expected to mobilize to the site later this month.

Further, works on bridge protection and culvert has been installed for the Kwarea Bridge.

This is a jointly funded project by the ESP and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

The Committee also announces that contract negotiation is currently ongoing with a prospective contractor towards the work on the Seghe Airport.

The Contract is expected to sign later this year.

It is also revealed that World Bank will proceed with the tender process to design the Fiu bridge.

The Democratic Coalition Government  for Advancement (DCGA) through the ESP Oversight Committee is fully committed to the successful and accountable implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of economic empowerment, national stability and the wellbeing of its citizens.


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