Solomon Airlines has confirmed an unavoidable increase in domestic airfares, effective from
Friday 13 August, the first price increase since 2019, due to the worldwide rising cost of aviation
The airline advised that customers wishing to purchase airfares at the current levels are able to do
so until Thursday 12 August, with the domestic airfare increase taking effect for sales from Friday 13
August 2021.
“We are providing notice to the public so that those who wish to book at the current domestic
airfares to avoid the fare increase can do so, and we also recommend this. We understand these are
challenging times for all,“ said Colin Sigimanu, Manager Commercial for Solomon Airlines.
“We have managed to keep prices the same for the past 2 years however the steep rises in jet fuel
prices now occurring every month, are impacting all carriers including Solomon Airlines,” said Mr
Sigimanu said.
“The global price charged for jet fuel has risen by more than 56% compared to December last year,
with oil marketing companies continuing to increase prices monthly.
“Solomon Airlines has no choice but to raise domestic airfares by 7% to help cover the higher price of
“We have deliberately held off until the end of holiday season to implement this change,”
Mr Sigimanu said.
“We regret that we must make this change, however jet fuel is a major and uncontrollable cost for
airlines. In the past the income from the ground handling of other airlines and extra income from our
international scheduled flights enabled us to absorb the additional costs. As we know, we cannot
offer international services currently and there are no other airlines serving Honiara, so we no longer
have these sources of income.
“These are not ordinary times, and they are difficult times, but we will recover, and once the
marketplace is back to some kind of normality, and fuel costs decrease, we will be able to review our
domestic fares again.
“In the meantime, we appreciate the understanding from the general public,” he said.
“Despite most Solomon Airlines domestic routes operating at a loss, we have continued to fly to all
23 destinations in our network to honour our national obligation.
“Whilst our borders have remained closed, we have worked exceptionally hard to generate
additional revenue through international charter flights, flying cargo, assisting other airlines and
being focussed on reducing costs and improving efficiency where possible,” Mr Sigimanu added.
“There are also other issues that we have no control over which directly affect the cost of our
domestic operations.
“These issues include the sudden threats of airport closures due to land disputes as well as the poor
state of many of our runways which flood very easily. Santa Cruz and Kirakira airports are no longer
fit for use by our Dash 8 aircraft and the costs of servicing these airports with Twin Otters is
“We are also working hard to find efficiencies by collaborating with regional carriers to share
resources and raise additional international revenue,” he said.

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For further information or bookings, the airline recommends contacting their Reservations team
within Solomon Islands on 177 or their Point Cruz Sales Office on (+677) 20152.

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