Governor blasts scam & fast money-making scheme promoters for lying


Governor of Central Bank of Solomon Islands Dr Luke Forau say CBSI has no involvement with any such schemes or operations.

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In a statement today, Forau said the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has noticed that the name of CBSI and the names of some senior officials of CBSI, including himself, are being used by promoters of financial schemes to solicit money from the public.

“These promoter(s) are doing this to deliberately disguise such schemes as being genuine or approved by a trustworthy entity.

I wish to inform the general public, that Central Bank of Solomon Islands has no involvement with any such schemes or operations,” he said today.

The Central Bank strongly discourages any form of investment that requires you to pay, deposit or handover your hard-earned cash, into ventures that promise large sums of money in return.

“These types of activities are simply fast-money making schemes, which are basically designed to scam people, and take away their hard-earned money. If you are a victim of such schemes, I encourage you to report it to the Police for immediate investigation.

I also want to encourage everyone to contact the Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit for more information over these types of schemes, and to continue educating yourselves, seek professional advice, and or guidance from reputable family members, individuals and organizations,” said Dr Forau.

“Always do this, before you decide to invest your money,” the statement said.

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