Member of Parliament for South Guadalcanal constituency honorable Rollen Seleso calls for responsible reporting and professional journalism.

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Seleso made the call following a newspaper article by Alfred Sasako who claimed that Seleso is part of a group of 28 MPs that are moving out from government.

Seleso said the newspaper article is baseless, unfounded and devoid of facts.

Seleso said it is a pity that a veteran journalist of Sasako’s caliber has resorted to cheap journalism by quoting unnamed sources and unnamed insiders.

“This is not on, journalists with that propensity to advance speculative stories should be held accountable by relevant authorities,” Seleso stated.

Seleso added that while freedom of information and speech is catered for by the national constitution of the country, that freedom comes with responsibility as well.

“One just cannot write a cooked up story for public consumption- that is irresponsible journalism,” Seleso stated.

The South Guadalcanal MP calls on Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) to clamp down on irresponsible journalism and ensure that practitioners of journalism are abiding to the ethics and values of journalism.

“MASI must not turn a blind eye to this issue,” honorable Rollen Seleso stated.

Seleso further added that as a staunch supporter of the government, he remains loyal to serve the country under the current leadership.

“I will not be swayed by cheap politicking,” Seleso concluded.


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